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Product name:PP BALLS
Product description:
PRODUCT PP Balls  (Polypropylene Balls)
Material PP(Polypropylene )
Diameter 3mm ~25.4 mm(1/8"~1")
Grade G1,G2,G3
Standard ISO3290:2001
Physical properties

Polypropylene Balls Excellent chemical resistance, low specific weight (less than water) and the highest melting point of thermoplastics. It is an excellent electrical insulator and has a low dielectric constant coefficient. It is often used where the capacity to float on fluids in general is required. It is ideal for equipment used for blood transfusions, level indicators and deodorant roll-on sticks. It is highly resistant to chemical substances, such as acids, alcalis, alcohols and many inorganic substances, saline solutions, solvents, gasoline (petrol), water, oils, greases, detergent, fruit juices and milk. It is not resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorates.